Toward Best Evaluation Practices for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Medicine


The workshop is designed to bring together a mix of hardware and software developers on the technology and application sides. We will discuss areas in need of development for successful application of the AR/VR technologies in the medical field. The morning session is almost entirely dedicated to emerging technology discussions. This will set the tone for the type of characterization and assessments needed for VR and AR uses. The afternoon session is devoted to applications by industry and academia to develop medical AR/VR applications. The main topic is to determine characterization and evaluation methods needed for medical XR applications by bringing together all stakeholders. A possible outcome of the workshop will be a white paper on future steps for the field. From FDA’s perspective, this is a way to accelerate the precompetitive development of tools and methods to facilitate the regulatory evaluation of medical XR. The workshop is open to the public (to anyone who registers through the FDA website for in person or webcast), and will be recorded/archived for later viewing. The official registration link will be available in mid-January.

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